Restaurant Review: Saxon & Parole

I have walked past Saxon & Parole so many times and have always wanted to go in, and finally I did. It is very close to the Bleeker st. 6 train stop and that is a train I frequent, so generally I am running off before I get to check this place out. 


Ryan and I decided to go there for brunch on a lovely saturday morning. I read about their french toast from a CBS local article rating Saxon & Parole’s french toast one of the best in the city and immediately wanted to go and check it out. Strangely, I was not in the mood for french toast when I arrived, as I have been really into eggs lately. In addition, the french toast had nutella and I was with Ryan, who is allergic (ugh). In his defense, he said I could eat it if I wanted to, but I was not in the mood.

When I first walked in, I had to roll my eyes. On the door it says “Grilled Meats and Aquatic Delights”. Aquatic Delights? *Eye roll* But I got over this fact fast when I saw the rustic yet chic interior. As I waited for a table, I had a seat at the bar area where people were happily talking and drinking from the bloody mary bar. I am not into bloody mary’s, but if I were, I would definitely come here for one. The concept is that you get a traditional bloody mary and you then can add an array of garnishes and other ingredients to add to the known breakfast cocktail buffet style. They even give you recipe suggestions that you can choose to follow (or not). One of the interesting ingredients they had to add was wasabi paste. Right up my alley. 

The waitstaff was very nice and accommodating. We were offered a menu and a drink while we waited for our table. I suppose that is not such a crazy concept anymore, but still classy. 

Once we sat down, both Ryan and I already knew what we were going to get. They had a brunch special of 1 cocktail, one entree, and one hot drink for $25. This is generally out of my price range for breakfast, but it was worth the price once you saw everything that you get for that price. Cocktails are already $11 and then the entree was $15, so we already hit that without the hot drink (which, of course, I burned myself with by my own mistake).

We got the Virginia surryano ham, crispy potato Parmesan cakes, poached eggs with yuzu hollandaise sauce and spinach. This was topped with chives and sage.

I traditionally am not into hollandaise sauce, but everything else sounded so good together that I decided to give it a shot. Definitely a great decision. The surryano ham was very tender and paired nicely with the soft, yet slightly crispy parmesan cakes. The parmesan cakes reminded me of like a cheese latke, but not with an overwhelming taste of cheese. Maybe it was the combination of the rich egg yolks and even richer hollandaise sauce, but either way, it was a great combination of things. I tried to get a little bit of everything in each bite. 

I wish I could have eaten the plate, it was so delicious. The couple next to us ordered the breakfast burger and the french toast and those were presented exceptionally. I do not know how they tasted obviously, but it looked like they were enjoying themselves. 

I am really happy that I was able to try this out and that I went with something that I generally don’t get at restaurants. Definitely worth going to. 


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